Major Types of Landscape Rock in Portland, Oregon

When most people think of landscaping, plants are what come to mind. Ponds may also be considered. While these things are big parts of such projects, it’s important to remember that they’re not the only parts. A complete landscape also includes many hardscaping elements like pathways, walls, and patios. Even the driveway is an important part of the overall landscaping picture.

One of the most popular hard additions to a landscape is rocks. Rock in Portland, Oregon is used for everything from garden edging to driveway underlayment. Which types are best depend on both their intended use and the way they look. Here are some popular kinds that can work well with your yard renewal project:

Round River Rock
This rock tends to be more oval than round. Its edges appear to have been smoothed by being in a river, and this is sometimes true. In other cases, jagged rocks are made smooth by tumbling them in a big machine. Either way, these rock types look good as top layers in garden pathways. They also work well as garden edging in some cases.

Crushed Rock
Crushed rock from companies like Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply isn’t much to look at. Instead, its benefit is found in its usefulness as an underlayer for driveways, walkways, and other such constructed elements of the yard. Rock with “minus,” or dust-like shards, packs down well to make a solid foundation. Once that foundation is in place, a nice-looking layer is put on top for the desired visual effect.

Ledge Stone
These stones are irregular rectangular pieces that are good for making short retaining walls or forming a hard edging around pathways and gardens. Their flat sides make them easy to stack and stabilize. A variant, curb stone, is more substantial and can handle being used for bigger walls or for holding back heavier materials.

Decorative Rock
These gravel pieces are appealing to the eye, so they are typically used to finish off walkways that have foundations made of standard gray stones. Decorative rock in Portland, Oregon comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, and you can find a type that’s perfect for any visual effect you’re going for. From white pea gravel to pink river rock, these stones often make or break the appearance of a gravel element in the landscape. Click here to see all of the available options.

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