Maintaining Your Conveyor Rollers

If you are running a successful business, chances are production is at a large volume. This means your equipment might become worn quickly and you’ll need to replace your conveyor rollers to make sure they continue to operate properly. The frequency of which you’ll need to replace them will depend on the type of material they are made from and the type of product you are running over them. For example, a steel conveyor roller would probably not need to be replaced as often as a plastic conveyor roller would. If you have a very heavy or hot product you would do well to buy a roller that is made of a sturdy material.

Maintaining Your Conveyor System

It’s a good rule of thumb to check out conveyors when they are making strange noises or noises you haven’t heard before. An inspection at the end of the work day can tell you if the conveyor rollers are starting to get worn. In addition to checking the rollers you can make sure the air compressor is dry and working properly and the belt hasn’t gotten jammed up with stray product. You can also keep the bearings and working parts oiled for maximum performance. If you stay on top of inspections you should always have an effective conveyor system running for your business.

Replacing Parts on your Conveyor System

If you’re replacing parts on your production line like your conveyor rollers you’ll want to make sure you are getting the best ones for your business. Think about the weight and frequency of your product, would you fare better with a sturdier roller? Reliable and experienced roller manufacturers provide rollers that can withstand high temperatures and heavy material. Their website will also allow you to build your own conveyor roller if you need to.

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