Maintaining Sliding Glass Doors in Colorado Springs CO

Sliding glass doors in Colorado Springs CO add aesthetic value to the home among having other advantages. With time however, the doors can become harder and harder to open. There are a few maintenance tips that you can use to ensure that this doesn’t happen. One such tip is to regularly clean the bottom track, preferably every time you vacuum the floor. You can use a cordless vacuum or small brush to remove any debris from the track which may be causing the obstruction. The human and pet foot traffic can cause the track to be clogged resulting in problems with opening the track door.

Another sliding glass doors in Colorado Springs CO maintenance tip is to lubricate the door lock every once in a while. This should help the door to open easier. Be sure to take the lock apart before this process for the best effect. Any grime that is found in the lock can be flushed away using an aerosol lubricant, or one suggested by the door manufacturer. You should also coat the lock’s moving parts with the lubricant, and this should help it open and close easier.

In addition to this, pay attention to the bottom door rollers as these can also be a cause for a glass sliding door that doesn’t open as it should. This happens when the rollers begin to rub against the track for any number of reasons. Look for the adjusting screw that is a common feature on most sliding doors. This can usually be found at the door’s bottom ends, and can be adjusted by turning the screw in either direction. Turn it clockwise to lower the rollers. If this aggravates the problem turn it in the opposite direction and tweak until you get the desired results.

Proper maintenance of your sliding glass doors in Colorado Springs CO can save you costly damage over time. It also makes your life easier, and reduces the chances of you having to get new doors down the line. The only way to guarantee that your sliding glass doors function as they should is to get quality products such as those offered at Clear View Distributors. You will find Cascade windows and doors among other great brands that will give you many years of service without any problems.


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