Maintain Your Home’s Historic Windows

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Business, Doors & Windows

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If your home has historic windows, then you likely have a special home with a unique look that evokes the culture of a bygone era.  However, vintage windows have often suffered the ravages of time and weather, and need attention to look their best.  Restoring and maintaining historic windows in Boise can be both rewarding and challenging.

How to Keep the Good

The most serious historical homeowners will often do their best to restore and maintain their historic windows in exactly the way they were originally built.  This can be an expensive prospect.  In addition, many of the original materials of historical construct are no longer available, and in some cases, the expertise to execute some furnishings has been lost.  For this reason, it is can be a superior strategy to restore historic windows in Boise to their original look, if not their exact original configuration.

Weather Stripping is Often a Key Concern

One of the biggest changes in homes over the years is their requirement for insulation.  Older homes did not have the same materials available for insulation, and fuel to heat and cool homes was less expensive.  Some types of original construction are well suited for modern weather stripping techniques.  Others are not.  One example is guillotine windows.  When a homeowner has such a construct, then he or she has the choice to adapt the weather stripping or to replace the windows with modern versions.

The important thing for the homeowner to understand is that the value of their historic property lies in its original features.  They should make every attempt to work with the original window configuration.  In the case of the guillotine windows, period sash stops can be installed without marring the original look.  It will help avoid having to hold the windows open with sticks.  This solution for dealing with historic windows in Boise, along with many others, is available online.  For historic windows without a ready solution, expert window installers are available to deal with custom problems.

Standards of Preservation

Owners of homes with historic windows in Boise can work with the National Register to help them maintain the standards of their historic constructs.  If they successfully maintain their homes in a proper manner, they will be able to have their homes listed with the National Register of Historic Places.

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