Los Angeles Decluttering Services for Hoarding Worsened by the Pandemic

Some individuals with hoarding tendencies experienced a significant worsening of their behavior once the pandemic was declared. They may have found it impossible to stop buying things and picking up discarded possessions people placed at the curb. An organization providing decluttering services near Los Angeles can help when immediate family members discover the problem.

Immense Anxiety

Even men and women who normally don’t overstock various items decided to buy a large number of products that were quickly becoming scarce. However, those with a psychological disorder may have experienced such immense anxiety because of the pandemic that they lost control of their hoarding behavior. Not only did they bring far too many things home, they were unable to throw anything away.

Stocking vs. Hoarding

Stocking up, even when done to an extreme, does not necessarily indicate a hoarding disorder. Stocking would involve products and devices that eventually will be used. The collection of junk and items that cannot be used before the expiration date indicates hoarding.

The same is true for collecting a large number of the same item, especially if everything needs repair. Gathering dozens of broken small appliances that now take up all the kitchen countertop space is an example.

Concluding Thoughts

Adult sons and daughters coming to visit parents were alarmed to discover piles of newspapers, expired food, broken furniture and various other useless items. Hiring a company offering decluttering services near Los Angeles could be advisable to make the home habitable again.

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