Looking for a Truck Repair Shop, Find the Best in Bridgeview

Steering, suspension components, and brakes are of paramount importance if you operate a tractor-trailer. Poorly maintained front-end components are the primary cause of premature tire wear and poor fuel economy. Handling, stability, and safety all hinge on ensuring that truck repair is carried out when needed and done by skilled professionals in Bridgeview.

Improper Alignment Causes Unnecessary Expense

Two of the largest expense items for tractor-trailers are tires and fuel. Misaligned axles and tires result in a “scrubbing” action as the vehicle travels. This  increases rolling resistance, which is directly related to fuel consumption.

Unnecessary lateral forces not only worsen fuel consumption, but it also has a negative effect on tire wear. To minimize tire wear and maximize fuel consumption, the tires must point straight down the road. Tires that are misaligned will invariably wear quicker on one side than the other. Tires that do not wear evenly do not give a reasonable return on investment. If the wear should get down to the cord, the casing may not even be acceptable for retreading.

Signs You Need to Have Truck Tires Aligned

There are several signs that indicate the need for truck repair.

   * If the wear pattern on one front tire is different from the other, this is an indication of poor wheel alignment.
   * If the vehicle tends to drift one way or the other and you feel as if you constantly have to fight the steering wheel, it is time to have the wheels aligned.
   * When the wheels are misaligned, there is a tendency for the vehicle to vibrate. If you sense this, take the truck in for repair.
   * When the truck is traveling straight, the steering wheel should be perfectly aligned. If it is not, you have a problem that needs to be corrected.

It is important that you attend to regular truck repair and maintenance in Bridgeview. If you experience signs of tire misalignment, have the problem diagnosed as soon as possible.

For truck repair, including suspension, brakes, and alignment, contact Wilrae Inc. in Bridgeview. For further information on all services provided, visit our website.

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