Looking for a Saturday Night Barbecue outside Dallas

It is Saturday night. You are ready to escape from the chaos of your busy life. Where can you find a Saturday Night barbecue Dallas? In Grandview, Texas. A short distance from Dallas is the Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, TX. They have a Saturday night Barbecue from 5 pm to 9 pm, in their Lone Star Barn. They have designed this barn to entertain all ages. They have live music with a dance floor. There is a mechanical bull to try your hand at riding. A pool table, Foosball table, and shuffle board is available to all ages, and a bounce house for children to play in.

As their way of thanking and showing appreciation to some of our unsung heroes, Beginning June 22, 2013, members of the military eat free with a military I.D. and Law enforcement and other branches of the First Response field will eat free while on duty. If you are a career that is a part of the First Responders field, then you can receive 35% off when you are off duty and enjoying the barbecue. The menu for the barbecue currently is a mouth-watering Brisket, Ribs, German Potato Salad, corn or corn pudding, Texas beans and a salad bar.

The Saturday Night Barbecue located inside the Lone Star Barn is situated on 800 acres of an actual working cattle ranch, The Beaumont Ranch. They have diversified their ranch to give people the feeling of how a Ranch worked in the glory days of Ranching, with an authentic western town. Yet, they maintain many of the modern day necessities that we have come to expect. So come for a Saturday of bird watching, horseback riding, fishing, and recreation and stay for the barbecue.

The Beaumont Ranch is located in Grandview, Texas, just 53 miles South of Dallas off of Interstate 35 W. You will want to check out their website or give them a phone call, for all of the current offerings, activities, and menu for the barbecue. They do take reservations. When you want to escape from the busy chaotic city life to a country setting remember the Beaumont Ranch for a Saturday Night barbecue outside Dallas for good food.

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