Locating an Accident Attorney

Being the subject of an accident that was not your fault can be a very costly and painful time. An accident may not even specifically be an accident in terms of law. Some ‘accidents’ are classified as careless driving, driving while distracted, negligence, wrongdoing or DUI/OVI, which are not technically ‘accidents’ at all. They are caused by human error, human carelessness, thoughtlessness and other ‘excuses’.

An accident doesn’t always involve a vehicle or a piece of machinery, either. It can involve medical negligence, wrongful death, medical malpractice, a slip or fall or an animal attack, therefore requiring further investigation, and possibly leading to the payment of compensation. Let’s suppose someone you know works with heavy machinery and one day they are working. The machinery they are using is faulty, but the company who owns the machinery has failed to comply with safety regulations. The company could technically be liable to pay compensation to the injured party if negligence can be proven. This requires thorough investigation, litigation, possibly a trial and usually some level of monetary award to pay for medical bills, loss of wages, loss of potential wages if the person is unable to continue working after the accident and other monetary pay-outs.

Where to Find your Attorney

If you are in the unfortunate position of needing an accident attorney in Cincinnati, you should always use a reputable lawyer with a proven track record of winning cases similar to your own. Some lawyers ‘fresh out of law school’ will the drive and determination to win your case and you may want to give them a chance. After all they have to start somewhere. However, using the services of an established attorney is more likely to get you the award you require to compensate you for your losses.

Some ‘accidents’ are classified as felonies, such as an accidental shooting, a robbery, a drunk driving accident or being hurt in the cross-fire of a fight. You may be injured due to a third party being in violation of a law and therefore your damages could be used in court as a lever for getting the offender sent to prison. Speak to a good attorney to get the right legal advice before you proceed.

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