Live Steps Away from The World Famous Apollo Theatre

One of the reasons that many people who were originally visitors to the city end up living here in one of the nice NY furnished rentals is because of the musical scene. When you look around, there are many venues that have a rich history. One of these loved places among up-and-coming acts is The World Famous Apollo Theatre. This was the very first stage that many performers from years past stepped foot on, and the brutally honest crowd will always let you know exactly what they think of your show.

Apollo Amateur Night

Many of us at some point and time in our lives have imagined ourselves as a famous singer or performer. We listen to the radio, look at TV, and go online all the time watching our favorite solo artists, duos, groups and bands doing their thing in front of the whole world.

We hear our favorite tune, then practice in the shower of our NY furnished rentals,our cars, or anywhere else that we don’t think people will hear us. Some of us even get to the point of bravery to share our self-proclaimed beautiful voice with our friends and family, who then tell us that we sound outstanding. With this glowing confidence, we go places like church where we pick a selection and proceed to wail it in front of this religious audience, who more than likely are too nice to tell you that their ears are bleeding from your song.

The Leap of Faith

Certain that you are destined to be the next Tina Turner or Jay-Z, you take that all too pivotal step in your career as a vocalist…you go to the World Famous Apollo Theater in Harlemso you can show everyone that you are without a doubt the hottest new artist to hit the scene, and that we all will be buying your records online and in stores soon.

So, you leave your cozy NY furnished rental and pull up at the rugged-natured theatre. You get called from backstage and greet Capone, the well-known hilarious comedian/host at the Apollo. The crowd is huge, the biggest one that you’ve ever been in front of. You approach the microphone as the music to the song that you’ve practiced in the bathroom mirror countless times before comes out of the theater’s speakers. Then it happens…you take a deep breath and begin to sing.

The above situation will be experienced by hundreds of brand new acts at the Apollo Theater every Amateur Night. Call Ticketmaster (the location is very close manyNY furnished rentals) at 1(800) 745-3000, or get your ticket in person at the Apollo Box Office. Come see if these performers survive the historically severely critical Apollo crowd, or if they get horribly booed and The Executioner runs their so-called talent off the stage!

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