Lifetime Dental Care From a Dentist in Rochester Hills

A large part of a dental practice is providing preventive care and education to patients. It’s not just treating cavities and gum disease and other conditions that have already occurred. Dental practices aim to educate their patients to take care of their teeth so they can hopefully avoid so many problems in the future. From professional cleaning, x-rays to check for early signs of problems, and demonstrating correct brushing and flossing, the dental care team is there to help patients maintain healthy teeth all their lives.

Some dentists see kids under age three for their first check-up. The kids get to sit on the parent’s lap and a dental hygienist or the dentist will give them a brief exam as well as answer parental concerns about how they should be caring for their children’s teeth at an early age. By the time a child reaches the age of three, they can have regular yearly checkups at office of Robert W. Haag, DDS. The dentist office shouldn’t be a scary place, and by taking children in at a young age, to an office in which the staff is sensitive to children’s fears of the unknown, can be a great way to show kids that they don’t have to be afraid and that the dentist is their friend.

Of course, plenty of adults have a fear of going to the Dentist Rochester Hills, too. If your teeth and gums are sensitive to pain, it’s natural to be apprehensive. If this is the case, don’t be shy to let the hygienist or the dentist know that you have a low pain tolerance. There are various anesthetic choices that they can use to make sure you are comfortable during your visit, including the use of nitrous oxide, which many nervous patients opt for.

In addition, don’t let your fear about how to afford your dental care in Rochester Hills keep you from getting the dental care you need. Many Dentists Rochester Hills work with patients who don’t have dental insurance coverage by providing financing plans so they can get the care they need when they need it. Also, some dentists will also provide a free consultation, which is the perfect time to ask questions about your dental health, the dentist’s proposed treatment plan, and questions about financing.

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