Lemon Law for a Used Car, Get Help in Massachusetts

If you know anything about the lemon law in Massachusetts, you might know that the official law only covers new cars. But, what happens if you buy a used car and it turns out to be a lemon, too? Luckily, in MA, there is some recourse for you; the used vehicle warranty law. This law makes it a requirement for dealers to give buyers a written warranty that protects against any issue that might negatively affect the safety or use of the vehicle.

Are You Protected if Buying from a Private Party?

In MA, private sellers must tell a buyer about all defects that might impair the use of the vehicle they are going to purchase. If after you make the purchase, you discover that there is a defect, and you can prove that the seller knew about it, you can cancel the sale within 30 days of the purchase. The seller must give you a refund of what you paid for the vehicle, minus $0.15 per each mile driven after the sale. If the person you bought from does not give your money back, you should contact a lawyer.

Are You Protected if Buying from a Car Dealership?

Yes, you are protected by this used car law if you buy from a dealer. However, there are certain situations where the dealer does not have to refund the purchase. These include:

Issues that only affect the appearance of the car
Issues that are covered by other warranties
Issues that are caused by abuse, vandalism, accidents, or negligence
Issues that are caused by repairs done by someone other than the dealer
Issues caused by changes made by the buyer, such as installing a new feature into the car

Do you have questions about lemon law and a used car? Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center in Massachusetts online.

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