Learning the Basics of Plaque Control

Dentists across the country see all sorts of situations, with patients facing major surgery or just needing a quick teeth whitening. Yet one of the most universal areas of teeth maintenance is in plaque. It is in just about every single person’s mouth. It is not really a problem unless ignored. And when this happens, it almost literally bores holes into many other less temporary and far more painful and overwhelming areas of teeth maintenance.


The frustrating thing is that problems rooted in plaque are almost always controllable. With the right motivation and steady visits to the local Dentists Katy, plaque can be maintained, looked after, and reduced.

So what can poor plaque maintenance lead to? The below is an overall review of plaque and how it directly causes major ailments in the mouth.

Tartar Does Not Just Appear

Tartar is almost always rooted, no pun intended, in the presence of plaque. Gentle Dental Care for plaque is typically a thin soft layer of film atop the teeth. When brushing, this is removed. But some areas are omitted and these will build up into a thicker and ultimately more permanent buildup known as tartar. Tartar is often visible upon the teeth. Tartar buildup is also one of the direct links to cavities, largely because the tooth enamel is broken down in the process of the plaque shifting into tartar.

Step Two and Beyond, Gingivitis

Most everyone has heard this term, but people often do not know what it refers to. So tartar that collects around the gum and tooth line will unsurprisingly cause the gum tissue to swell and bleed. This is gingivitis, an early and immediate indication of gum disease. The majority of gum disease cases can be directly linked to the presence of tartar around the gums, which can further be referenced back to poor maintenance of plaque. The truth is that any time a person eats some plaque is being ‘added’ in a sense to the teeth. It is the follow through that is important.

Frequent visits to the Dentists Katy will maintain this issue and ward off the sinister areas of gum disease. But it takes discipline and self-control to clean thoroughly and visit the dentist often. To know more, click here.

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