Learning About Different Mental Health Services In Wichita, KS

People who are depressed and anxious, think they are all alone. They are going through some sort of crisis, and don’t know where to turn. Some people drink and use drugs to overcome their feelings. However, counseling is a better solution than self-medication. It is not shameful to try counseling, when all else fails.

Finding Mental Health Services in Wichita KS is not difficult. Adult Child And FamilyCounseling in Wichita, KS has been in business for twenty-five years. The therapists pride themselves on offering compassionate services to their clients. A broad range of services is available for all ages. Individual counseling is available, as well as family and couples counseling. Typical problems include help with trauma resolution, depression, anxiety, conflict resolution and adjustment disorder. Adjustment disorder refers to reactions that occur after stressful events. The firm’s clients come from diverse racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Individual counseling helps people be more expressive, when they discuss issues. Therapists offer a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Counselors try a therapeutic approach for children, using toys, games and sand trays. Families can rely on Mental Health Services in Wichita KS for responsive therapy in complex situations. Services are offered for traditional families, nontraditional families and blended families. Help is available for people dealing with parent-child conflicts, adolescent problems, divorce, career issues and grief issues.

Couples have conflicts and need therapy, sometimes. Marriage counseling helps to rebuild trust and improve communications. Often couples let financial problems and stress affect their relationship. Talking to a counselor may help to turn things around. The therapists will work with one partner, if the other refuses to come for counseling. Sometimes, helping one partner may improve the relationship. Therapy sessions typically last fifty minutes, and most clients are seen once or twice per week, initially. Sessions become less frequent as time passes. No one knows how long someone will need counseling. It depends on the individual and their problems. The therapists helps clients set specific goals they need to reach in counseling. If you or a loved one needs counseling, get help today. Call your insurance company, and find out if coverage for therapy is provided.