Learn About Four Different Business Phone Systems for Your NYC Company

Before your NYC business can do much of anything, you need to have a phone system in place as it is one of the most important tools you will need. It is truly important to consider your business phone options before selecting one because it is your main link to clients, customers and partners. It will also play the role of being the first line of communication in most cases though the Internet and email have become a higher form of communication for most.

Keyless System

If you are interested in the most basic option available, you will want to choose the keyless system. This option can work really well for small businesses with fewer than 10 employees and offers basic features that small businesses will need—all without a central control unit requirement.

This system is very inexpensive, but will not grow as the company grows. It can only support up to four phone lines, but is not permanently wired so that you can easily move the system if you change office locations. If you are worried that your business will fail or change tactics soon after growth, this can be a good option. Otherwise, you may want to consider other systems for your telephone needs.

Key Systems

For NYC companies with up to 40 employees, a key phone system works really well and is considered a multi-line telephone system. It carries basic features and has the opportunity to add more features that are advanced. This option has a central KSU (Key System Unit) and can usually be upgraded to meet the growing business’s needs.

PBX System

Private Branch Exchange systems offer many great telephony features and is controlled by a centralized PBX cabinet. This kind of system can be used by larger companies with over 40 employees and can be integrated and used with other already-in-place technologies. In most cases, it can also be programmed to fit current configurations in your office.

VOIP System

A Voice over IP system is newer technology that allows one business with many different office locations to communicate and use one simple system. Typical calls are sent through the Internet over an IP network instead of regular telephone lines. Though its main function is so that same offices can connect to each other quickly and easily through the telephone, it may be able to call and receive calls from customers outside the network with a few upgrades.

Business phone systems in NYC have different options and types, so it is important to understand each system. For those that want a VOIP system, consider Reliable Voice & Data.

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