Leak Detection in Tucson Can Save The Homeowner Money and Trouble

A water leak in your home or on your property can cost hundreds of dollars a month in water you can’t use. If your water meter continues to show water running when every faucet is turned off, then you have a leak or you may have multiple leaks. Leaks will occur mostly underground, but they can occur in water pipes routed through the home.

There are several methods of leak detection in Tucson. The infrared leak detection method will spot leaks anywhere. Once a leak is identified it is necessary to determine how much work will need to be done to fix it. There are ways which require cutting into wall board, but the infrared system will spot the leak with pinpoint accuracy thus saving a lot of tear up.

An ultra sound is a leak detection system in Tucson which can be used to find leaks in the yard. Often the irrigation system will spring a leak and the controller will break causing water to gush out. In many cases, this water runs under the house where there is no basement. This will eventually destroy the foundation is spots which will cause the home to become unstable. This water will also cause mold and mildew along with a foul odor.

Electronic devices can find leaks inside of walls and the ceiling. Slab leaks can be located and fixed easily. Finding a slab leak requires technical expertise and a very thorough search. Locating slab leaks without ripping up the slab requires the use of high tech equipment such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. With this equipment, leaks can be discovered and fixed with minimal disruption to the slab. In many cases, just a single floor tile needs to be removed to get to the leak and fix it.

Slab Leak Detection can also be accomplished by feeling hot spots on the floor if a hot water line is leaking, or the carpet will be wet from water coming up through the slab. A slab leak should be repaired immediately because the water can dislodge the dirt from under the slab causing a foundation problem.

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