Landscaping for Dry Conditions

Despite the relief of recent rains, the drought that has plagued the state is only slightly alleviated, but not gone. In fact, the northern parts of the state still has areas in extreme drought, as well as conditions ranging from abnormally dry to extreme drought across the region. Dekalb county remains in level two drought, and has recently suspended hydrant water meter rentals, with the exception made for new development. It’s still quite a positive change from the beginning of the year, and Fulton County is – at least for now – declaring an end to the drought.

If you were thinking of making your business’ or development’s landscape more drought tolerant, installing a more water-wise irrigation system – both would be good – now would be a good time to move forward. Nobody can predict the weather, and full resevoirs and water tanks should not be taken for granted.

Selecting Plants and Trees

You’d be surprised to that drought tolerant landscapes are vibrant, green, and colorful. There’s more to xeric landscaping than cacti and rocks, and experienced local landscape contractors in Atlanta know which ones will so well in Atlanta’s climate. There are a number of trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, groundcovers, and plants that are hardy, water wise, and even pest resistant. You can have a beautiful landscape that will go easy on water, and stay healthy for years to come.

Don’t just turn off the sprinklers and take what comes, your landscaping helps people to remember your business! Curb appeal isn’t just for real estate agents, for businesses it’s a year round sales tool that shows you care meticulously about your image. Working with experienced Atlanta landscape contractors and landscape design firms can put you on the right track to have a beautiful, sustainable landscape for your office park, campus, or development.

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