Know How to Find Good Moving Companies in Sacramento CA

Moving is a challenge for anyone, but there are options. You do not have to drag the furniture around yourself and scratch the walls when you can pick up the phone and call a professional mover. Moving companies have the special moving equipment that you do not have. Every decision in life comes with options. When you move, you want to make the work as easy as possible. Know exactly what to look for when you search for moving companies in Sacramento CA.

Get Referrals from Family and Friends

First, ask your closest family members and friends for recommendations. There must be at least one person close to you who has moved recently and gotten a good deal. You can even ask co-workers and fellow churchgoers for advice.

If that solution does not work, look over customer reviews online. The more reviews a company has, the more experience they have, which is a good sign. However, more is not always better. Some companies have many bad reviews mixed in with many good ones. It is your responsibility to balance out the good and bad and make your decision based on that analysis.

Be Upfront About Everything

When you fill out a quote, be honest about everything you want to move. Mention every item no matter how big or small it is. Know that most movers can accommodate all of your demands no matter how wild they may be. However, know you may have to pay extra costs for any inconveniences you may cause. Do not wait until the moving day to be upfront about everything.

Obtain at Least Three Quotes from Three Different Companies

Whether you plan to move one mile away or thousands of miles away, you need a cost estimate or quote that is written and binding. Binding means that the provider has promised to do the job exactly as described. With this estimate, you will know the maximum amount of money you will pay for the whole move. Also, know how long the process will take.

A nonbinding estimate is another option, and also legal, but do not be surprised if you have additional fees. Pricing for an interstate move is determined by the total weight of the items you plan to move. Each U.S. state has its separate rules on how moving companies can create estimates. For instance, California requires that they provide only written, binding estimates.

Choose the mover that suits your needs and budget. Before you start a checklist of the items you plan to move, start a checklist of the qualities you want in a mover. Set the exact dates and times of the moves. Get signed estimates and bills. Expect to find the utmost professionalism in your moving company of choice.

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