Knobs or Levers? Door Hardware in Tucson

There’s plenty of information about door replacement available, but what can a homeowner do if he or she needs to replace a door’s hardware? Browsing beautiful Door Hardware in Tucson at  is not only a question of aesthetics or a commanding presence. The new desired handle must be installed along with the right type of lock.


The door knob is the quintessential door handle. Although there are many styles of door knobs available, all knobs function in essentially the same way. A pair of matching door knobs are connected internally by long parts called screw posts, and the turning of the knobs is enabled by a mechanism in the center of these posts called the spindle.

There are four kinds of knobs classed by their locking mechanism (or lack thereof). Passage knobs do not lock, and so are best for rooms where privacy and security is a non-issue. Keyed entrance knobs can only be opened from the outside with the right key. Privacy knobs cannot be turned from the outside, and the locking mechanism can only be accessed from the inside. Dummy knobs lack a spindle and a lock and are usually found on storage units like cupboards and cabinets.


Levers are easier to operate than knobs and are ideal for those with pains in the wrist area. Like knobs, levers are available with a passage, keyed entrance, privacy, and dummy locking mechanisms. What most people forget to consider when looking for a lever Door Hardware in Tucson is the direction the lever should be oriented. Use left-handed levers for doors with its hinges located on the left side, and use right-handed levers if the hinges are installed on the right side.

Buying the wrong kind of door handle will be a waste of money as well as the time in attempting to install it. If you come across an aesthetically impressive piece of door hardware, resist the urge to buy it on impulse before inquiring the seller regarding the hardware’s functionality. The right door knob will be effortlessly functional as well as suitable for the architectural style of your home.

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