Key Things You Will Need to Know About Using a Saliva Ejector in Saint Paul

A dental saliva ejector is a device that is used to draw blood, saliva, and other debris out of the mouth. The purpose of this device is to keep the operative field clear. There are several things that you will need to know about using an ejector.

Benefits of Using an Ejector

There are several benefits that you can reap from using an ejector. It has optimal suctioning, which will make it easier to clear the mouth of debris. It helps the patient avoid aspirating the tissue.

You also have many options when it comes to ejectors. There are disposable and reusable. However, if they are reusable, then they will have to be sanitized properly. Furthermore, the ejectors are available in different flexibilities and shapes.

How to Prevent Backflow

It is important to take all the necessary steps to prevent backflow. This problem occurs when the fluids from the tube flow back into the patient’s mouth. Backflow can occur if there is extra pressure in the mouth. For example, pressure can result if the patient closes their lips and forms a seal around the saliva ejector. It can also occur if the ejector is not positioned correctly.

Additionally, if an ejector is used while other high-volume equipment’s are used, then backflow can result. In most cases, this problem can be prevented by telling the patient to avoid closing their mouth tightly around the ejector. Clinicians also need to position the ejector properly.

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