Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Your Smile Looking Great Using an Emergency Dentist in Clayton

A toothache is one of the worst pains that a person can deal with. In fact, some toothaches can be so distracting that you can’t think about anything else. One of the reasons for this is that many people wait until the problem becomes unbearable and wind up with a serious infection. This means that the pulp of the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue becomes inflamed. To begin repairing the damaged tooth, an emergency dentist in Clayton will need to start an antibiotic regimen. Eliminating the infection solves a couple of problems. The first is any pain caused by the inflamed tissue and the second is reducing the possibility of an infection setting in because of the dental procedures.

Another reason to consider an Emergency Dentist in Clayton is a damaged tooth. Teeth can be injured for a variety of reasons including blows to the mouth, chipping or problems with dental appliances. When issues like these occur, the emergency dentist needs to see you as quickly as possible. When a crown comes loose or a tooth is chipped it is important that they are replaced as quickly as possible. The broken piece of the tooth needs to be restored quickly so that the edges mate properly. Caps or crowns need to be cemented again, or the remaining base of the tooth could deteriorate further.

Some people don’t realize how important great oral care is. They tend to neglect their teeth and allow them to decay. At some point, the person will require the skills of an experienced dental team to restore any damage done to their teeth and provide them with a beautiful smile. This is also important to instill the ability to bite and chew properly. Many foods require strong teeth to in order to eat them, and weak teeth prohibit this. At the very least, the person with damaged teeth should consider a prosthesis. If there are only a few damaged teeth, then a bridge may suffice, but if many teeth need to be extracted, then the patient should think about the use of dentures. If you are experiencing oral pain or are need of the services of an emergency dentist then Visit Forest Park Dental and discover your options.

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