Keep Your Sewer Lines Clean to Avoid a Plumber Emergency in Washington, DC

Plumbing disasters come in all types including simple leaks from broken pipes to clogged drains that cause the sewage to overflow. How these problems are handled will depend on exactly what is wrong with the plumbing. For instance, when your pipes begin to leak your first thought is to seal them, but broken pipes usually need to be removed and the damaged pieces replaced. This is especially true when the home is plumbed with PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) which can become brittle over time and break unexpectedly.

Perhaps the worst Plumber Emergency in Washington, DC is a clogged sewer line. Clogs can occur for many reasons including the buildup of crud that can accrue over the years. To eliminate this particular problem your plumber will probably use a pipe snake to push through the clog. The pipe snake is a flexible cable that can bend around the curves in the pipes. It has an auger attached to the end which pushes the clog out of the way so the water in the drain can wash it away.

In some cases the pipe snake isn’t enough to clear the drain properly. In these cases the plumber will recommend you have the sewer lines cleaned with a high pressure wash. This system, typically called a hydro-jet works like a high pressure car wash. The pressurized water scours the sides of the sewer pipe to remove any caked on grime and the excess water flushes it down the pipes. The only problem with this type of sewer line cleaning occurs when the pipes are old or made from clay. In these cases the sewage can leak through any breaks or seams in the pipe and seep into the surrounding soil.

Another common Plumber Emergency in Washington, DC comes from plumbing leaks you can’t see. These are typically small leaks in the pipe joints which are hidden inside the walls. You generally discover them in one of two ways. The first is when your water bill becomes extraordinarily high and the second is when you notice water soaking into the walls or floors. This is one of those plumbing problems that need to be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid any further damage to your home. To know more Visit Website.

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