Keep Your Home Safe with Egress Windows in Ankeny IA

Egress windows are required in every habitable space of the home. If you have a bedroom in the basement, you must have this type of window installed. It should also be built in the bedrooms to provide a safe escape. This will ensure that in case of a fire in your home, people will be able to escape. They have specific measurements that they must meet according to regulations. This is why you need the services of an expert in Egress Windows in Ankeny IA.
Steps in installing the window

Clearing the area next to the window

This is especially important if the window is for the basement. The area next to it must be clear and well preserved. This will ensure that, in case of an emergency, one can pass through the window. If there is earth, it must be dug out to leave a clear space.

Cutting out the area

The area will be cut out of the wall. This can be done using dust fans so that your bedroom does not get dirty. The area cut out will be dependent on the size of the window you want installed. This has to be done carefully to protect the building. In places where there are windows already, they will just need to be removed to leave a space.

Installing the new window

These windows are bigger than the normal windows since they have to be large enough for someone to fit in. They are then made weatherproof so that they do not let in any elements. If the basement is used as a bedroom, one will need it to remain warm. One should also consider protecting it from vermin, such as rodents and ants.

Making the retaining wall

This kind of wall is the one that will keep soil away. This will ensure that during the rainy season the window is not buried. It can have pebbles at the bottom of the area to keep it dry and water free. Most people will choose aluminum sheets to make the wall.

BAM Basements make the best Egress Windows in Ankeny IA. They will help make your home safe at all times. If you use your basement for bedroom then you have to call them in to install the windows for you.

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