It is best to hire a licensed plumber

There are many small plumbing projects that the homeowner can take on. Unclogging the kitchen sink drain or the plugged toilet is something which is quite simple and can be done with simple tools, in some cases just some chemical thrown down the drain. This is not the case when you are about to take on a large plumbing project, this will require licensed plumbers in Fairfax, VA. If your intention is to get the job right and get it right the first time at minimum cost and in accordance with code. Many people have yet to need a licensed plumber, with a little homework and a little time, it does not have to be difficult.

Every state in the union has a licensing board which oversees the licensing of any contractor be it a general contractor, electrical contractor or plumbing contractor. The boards are responsible for ensuring that the people and companies that are granted a license to operate can do so in such a way that the safety, health and welfare of the public is well looked after. As the board is responsible for granting the license, they are an ideal source of names for plumbers in Fairfax, VA.

The board cannot recommend a plumber; they can only give you the names of those who are licensed and the current status of the license. This is really the first and a very important step when you are about to embark on a large project regardless of whether it is a house addition, electrical rewiring or plumbing of magnitude.

When you employ a licensed plumber for your project you are assured of certain safeguards. The contract must carry insurance, both liability and workers comp for his employees. Liability insurance will cover any damage that may befall your property and workers comp will cover any of the employees who may be injured on the job.

Large projects invariably require a building permit before they are undertaken. This will ensure that the job will be done in accordance with all applicable codes and it will be inspected thoroughly prior to approval.

Although engaging unlicensed plumbers in Fairfax, VA may be a little less expensive, you are taking a risk that is not necessary.

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