Issues that Rain Gutters Can Help to Prevent

The rain is a relentless force when it falls. If it falls directly from your roof, it can cause a number of issues. The rain gutters are designed to prevent these common issues. A proper gutter system is a type of prevention that directs the rain to the place where you need it to go.

One of the issues that Rain Gutters can resolve is water pooling near the foundation. Since concrete is a highly porous material, it will readily absorb an excess of water. This can cause issues with the foundation such as cracking. This can also cause your basement to develop a musty door. Any material near the concrete may also create ideal conditions for mold growth. Since mold is damaging to the health, it is best to filter the water away from the foundation to help prevent this growth from happening.

Another issue that can be resolved with the use of gutters is the destruction of the ground around your foundation. The draining water can create major holes near your home. These holes can fill up and cause water to pool close to your foundation. This can also cause issues with how your yard is graded. Since grading is what helps the water drain away from your home, the destruction in the ground may cause it to drain next to your basement.

Shifting foundations can also be partially resolved with the installation of Rain Gutters. The water can get under your home’s foundation. This saturated ground is unstable for your home. Once it starts to dry out, it can cause shifting in the soil. This shifting can create major cracking in your ceiling and walls. This type of cracking is a danger sign that there are foundation problems. By getting the water away from the area, the water is less likely to over-saturate the soil underneath the foundation.

The gutters are a protective measure for your home’s foundation. If they are working properly, they can direct vast amounts of water away from the area. If your home’s gutters aren’t doing their job, or you need gutters, contact a AAA Aluminum Patios, Inc. for more information.

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