Is Major Medical Still Necessary After Buying Supplemental Insurance in Vero Beach FL?

Supplemental Insurance in Vero Beach FL is a big consideration after sweeping Medicare changes forced the generally reliable institution to be immensely downsized. Few Americans lost their Medicare coverage in 2015. Medicare, despite its complexity, was actually quite straightforward. If someone has it, they can keep it (for the most part). If they do not have it, they may be left a little lost.

All the Americans that have Medicare were still faced with some changes, and one of the most controversial is the onset of supplemental insurance. Many policyholders are asking if they still need major medical if they carry a general health insurance policy alongside Supplemental Insurance in Vero Beach FL.

What is Supplemental Coverage?

Supplemental medical insurance is also called Medigap. In short, it picks up some of the payments that an original standard Medicare policy will not pay for. Medigap is popular if a condition is consistent or chronic. Some policies do not accept certain conditions, but Medigap will help “bridge the gap” in payment for certain qualified carriers.

Is Medigap or Supplement Insurance Enough?

The simple answer is that it depends on the situation. Every client case is a little different, and a team member at A Better Solution Insurance Services can help gauge current income streams against payments to see if Medigap is a viable long-term solution on its own.

Generally speaking, major medical is still necessary. Major medical will cover injuries and illnesses that go beyond the scale of Medicare and Medigap. Medigap is often exclusively applied for a single condition, and that is a wonderful feature for someone dealing with a chronic ailment. It does not help in an automobile accident, cancer, and other unfortunate medical situations. The supplemental insurance can be applied to any of these situations, but the major medical takes precedence.

The gap may not cover for everything. Major medical is the ultimate padding and protection. It ensures coverage on the most unfortunate and pressing medical issues. Comparably, supplemental insurance will fill in mild gaps that act as extensions of Medicare. If Medicare does not apply to that situation, the Medigap insurance is generally useless. Watch our Youtube video for more information.

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