Investing in a Villa in Costa Rica

If you have always wanted to invest in real estate, then luxury villas in Costa Rica are a great option. This investment can be a project you will be passionate about and more than just a financial decision. Costa Rica offers it all; if you want to build or find a villa that is turn-key you have both options.

Travelers visit Costa Rica year round, though there are obviously peak times, like summer vacation and spring break. Some travelers prefer visiting Costa Rica during what is called the “green season,” this is when discounted rates are offered. This season is April through December and Costa Rica gets daily rain, though not all parts of the country experience this. The province of Guanacaste has very little rainfall in the northern part during this season, so a villa in a beach town in this area will offer 10 months of steady income.

If luxury villas in Costa Rica sound appealing, your options are endless. If you build one from scratch you can include many options for your future guests. A beautiful infinity pool with ocean views is a must! Including private balconies overlooking a beautifully landscaped garden, staff and a great chief will certainly attract guests.

There are many perks to investing in a villa; privacy and exclusivity are among the top reasons. Consider this: a hotel, on average, will offer a room that is about 300 square feet. A villa can be up to 10,000 square feet and even more. They are ideal for company retreats, weddings and family vacations. Guests won’t have to worry about their children making noise and nobody will have to fight over a lounge chair at the pool or beach. There is space for privacy if needed and areas for family activities.

Not only will you be able to make money, but you can vacation at your villa whenever you want. Your own tropical paradise to enjoy! Visit for a week or month, whatever you want.

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