Investigate the Advantages of using Geothermal in Carlisle to Save Money

Geothermal energy provides one of the oldest and most reliable forms of heating. Prehistoric humans used hot springs, a form of geothermal energy, for bathing. The first spa was a heated, stone pool in China built in the 3rd century B.C. Romans may have been the first to use geothermal energy for heating their homes, utilizing hot springs for underfloor heating.

France has been operating a geothermal district heating system since the 14th century. Since 1892, Boise, Idaho has been using a geothermal district heating system. Klamath Falls, Oregon saw the advantages of this heating system and adopted it in 1900. Since the 1973 oil crisis, geothermal heating has been steadily growing in popularity, as it is efficient, reliable and not at all subject to the whims of Mideastern oil sheiks, South American dictators or Russian oligarchs.

Geothermal energy is being used today by many American homeowners for water and space heating. Six to eight feet below the ground, temperatures remain fairly constant year-round. A typical geothermal system has an indoor handling unit, a buried pipe system and/or a pump to reinjection well which takes advantage of these stable earth temperatures to provide ‘free’ energy.

Even a home in a subdivision can take advantage of geothermal energy with a vertical closed loop system and Honeywell controls. This is probably the most common geothermal system used by homeowners. Other types require more land (a horizontal closed loop) or use a pond on the property (a pond closed loop system). There is one more type of system, but open loop geothermal installations have some serious drawbacks so are not normally the best choice. High efficiency Geothermal in Carlisle, for example, has a return on investment of 7-10 years.

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