Internet Redundancy Keeps Companies Running

It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen. When it does, the costs to business can be astronomical. That’s why savvy companies rely on Internet redundancy to keep them up and running no matter what.

What is Redundancy?

Internet redundancy is a failsafe the provides an office or a server environment with a backup if an ISP happens to go down. The backup enables the company to stay online and keep doing business even during lengthy outages with a main Internet Service Provider.

Setting up this type of failsafe can involve a lengthy, and costly process whereby contracting two separate broadband providers becomes necessary. When outages happen, connections have to be switched from the main provider to the secondary.

How the Pros Do It

There is another alternative to redundancy that’s seamless and most cost effective for businesses. When a provider of network redundancy solutions is used to provide the service, the setup and operation is turnkey and seamless. These companies can monitor the main connection, enable automatic switch over if there’s an outage and even provision a broadband package to provide secondary coverage if that help is required.

Why Bother?

There are a number of reasons why Internet redundancy is critical in today’s business world. Here are just a few:

  • Reliability – Businesses just can’t afford their networks being offline for days on end. Redundancy providers eliminate this concern by ensuring there’s always a backup. Some even provide redundancy over wide area networks, which means the redundancy can protect offices in remote locations, too.
  • Financial savings – Losing an internet connection for an hour might not be a big deal, but how much would a two-hour, eight-hour or several day-outage cost in business lost? It can happen and that why redundancy is so important.
  • Peace of mind – Worrying about a business going down in operations and the impact it would have on workflow and customers is a big burden. Redundancy eliminates this concern.
  • Monitoring Some firms provide connectivity monitoring, which means they’ll know immediately if a line goes down. It also means the switchover to a redundant Internet connection can be immediate.

Internet redundancy provides a layer of protection companies need to in today’s computer-dependent world. The best providers offer turnkey, simple solutions that get the job done for a cost effective price.