Injured in a Rear-End Collision? Call an Auto Accident Attorney in OKC

When a person is driving down the street and a car slams into them from behind, they can be badly hurt. Severe whiplash injuries can occur and the person may not even realize at the time they are hurt. Several hours after the collision they get a bad headache. The pain level increases as it travels down their arm and even into their hand. They should seek medical care immediately and then hire an Auto Accident Attorney in OKC.

If the person that hit them from behind was texting or eating, then they were negligent. The injured person’s Auto Accident Attorney in OKC will file a claim with their insurance company for enough money to pay for their medical treatment, their lost wages, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Insurance companies make money by paying out as few claims as possible. When they see that the injured person declined treatment because they felt fine, they may try and prove that the injury is unrelated to the accident.

The Auto Accident Attorney in OKC has handled many personal injury cases and he knows how to handle insurance company lawyers and experts. Since 1974 lawyers at the Homsey Law Center have represented clients against large insurance companies. They have their own experts who can successfully explain their arguments. They can prove the status of the injured person’s health before the accident and then compare it to their health after the accident. Their medical experts can also document that many head and neck injuries can take hours or days to develop.

Severely injured people who are in a lot of pain don’t have the strength to negotiate with an insurance company. Their Auto Accident Attorney in OKC will handle everything while the person focuses on their recovery. Many claims are settled without going to court. However, that doesn’t mean that the insurance company will start off with a reasonable settlement offer. While the amount offered may sound like a great deal of money to someone facing a pile of medical bills, their lawyer may tell them settlements for their type of injury are usually much larger. This information helps the injured person make an informed decision whether to accept the offer or not.

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