Information on How the Dentist in Katy Gives You a Fixed Bridge

When you are missing a tooth, it can not only cause problems with you being able to eat properly, but can also make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. If you are missing a tooth, there are different options available, to restore your smile and replace the missing tooth. Through a fixed bridge, your tooth can be replaced and no one will ever know it is not your real tooth.

How Is a Fixed Bridge Created?

The dentist will first need to shape the two teeth on the sides of your missing tooth. These teeth will need to be shaped so they can have a crown placed over them. The crowns will hold the artificial tooth in place. The dentist first shapes the abuntment teeth, making them much smaller and round on all sides. This allows the crowns to easily sleep over the teeth. Once your abuntment teeth have been shaped, the dentist will create your bridge.

The bridge is created using two crowns and a pontic, or artificial tooth sandwiched in the middle. These three teeth are permanently joined and then the dentist can use this bridge to replace the missing tooth in your mouth. The dentist will carefully place the bridge over your teeth, making sure the abuntment teeth are covered by the crown and the bridge fits in well. Once the dentist is sure the bridge fits well, he or she will cement it in place, creating a permanent bond.

Bridges can last for many years, with proper care and dental maintenance. You will need to see your Dentist in Katy on a regular basis, to make sure your bridge is maintained and working as it should. Your dentist will also inform you of how you should care for your bridge and what foods you should avoid, to prevent a break in your bridge. This is important information to follow, so you do not cause damage to the bridge.

If you are missing a tooth and would like to learn more about dental bridges, contact Gentle Dental Care and make your appointment for a consultation. They can provide you with a variety of dental services, to keep your smile healthy.