Industrial Air Conditioning in Lafayette

HVAC systems are broken down into two distinct types, each with a very different design philosophy. Centralized industrial air conditioning design and installation engineers choose the most appropriate equipment based on the client’s expectations and requests, the budget, the building’s location, the purpose of the building, and the qualifications of those individuals who will be charged with operations and maintenance. Commercial HVAC maintenance consists of many complex activities that must be carried out by qualified personnel.

It is hard to imagine what offices and industrial facilities in Louisiana would be like without adequate air conditioning systems. It is a matter of comfort, which, for effective and productive people, is a necessity. Fresh produce, cheese, processed meat, and more must be stored in a controlled temperature environment. Industrial air-conditioners play a very significant role. It maintains the desired environment within a closed space. In the not too distant past, air conditioning was considered for use during sweltering summer days. However, times have changed. Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. will be the first to say that climate control is a more targeted term. Climate control includes heating, cooling, and humidity control, all year long.

Centralized systems tend to be installed in structures up to and including seven stories. The buildings are those found on university campuses, hospitals, theaters, museums, and more. Centralized commercial HVAC systems, as any other sophisticated electro-mechanical device, needs to be maintained. Larger buildings tend to use decentralized cooling systems. The components are factory designed and assembled. A typical system contains fans, filters, the compressor, the coil, condenser, and controls. The advantage of a package system is the ease of initial installation and subsequent maintenance. Many building owners or managers rely on outside HVAC contractors. Professional technicians, with a great deal of product knowledge and experience, can put together a preventative maintenance program that ensures system reliability and minimal downtime.

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