Industrial Air Compressors in PA – What You Need To Know

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Parts and Accessories

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In simple terms, an air compressor is a mechanical device that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it a higher pressure. When utilized in an industrial application, air compressors are employed to operate many different kinds of hydraulic devices, machines and tools. Though oil based generators can easily be used to power practically all machines and tools used in industries and other sectors, using industrial air compressors is far cheaper, more efficient and faster than using the other option. Here are some of the areas where Industrial air compressors PA are used.

Gas and Oil Industry

Industrial air compressors PA are most commonly used in heavy industries and it is the gas and oil industries that utilize smart compressors the most. Actually, most gas lines are powered using extremely powerful air compressors. Also, petroleum refineries make use of industrial air compressors to produce the substance that is used in the manufacture of essential products like medicines, building materials, fertilizers, plastic and paint. People also use petroleum products in their homes and vehicles.

Car Washes

Most car washes make use of industrial compressors to power the water and cleaning solution spray. In addition, the compressors drive the rotating cleaning equipment that is utilized in the car washes.

Industrial Refrigerators

Industrial refrigerators are used in several industries, including food service, food processing and hotels as well as transportation industries. These industries rely on the air compressors to operate their ventilation as well as coolant systems. Aside from helping to drive air via the coolant systems, the compressors also help to drive the coolant solution all through the refrigerator’s pipes.


Industrial air compressors are also commonly used in manufacturing processes. Pneumatic tools, specifically, are powered using air compressors; thus, in any manufacturing process where pneumatic drills are utilized, you will find lots of air compressors there.

Apart from heavy industries, air compressors also have many applications. Furthermore, air compressors are employed wherever there is a need to store air. What this means is that fire fighters, scuba divers, hospitals and welders all use air compressors in their operations. All air compressor equipment should be maintained as per the recommendations of the manufactures and by experienced service engineers. Companies like Air Center Inc are extremely good at maintaining and servicing Industrial air compressors PA.

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