Incidents Which Lead to Calls for Water Damage Restoration in Pleasant Prairie, WI

Everyone is very aware of the damage water can cause to a home. Every year in the United States water causes billions of dollars of damage, much of which occurs to homeowners without enough insurance to adequately cover the expense.

Water Damage Restoration in Pleasant Prairie WI is designed to save homeowners as much of their property as possible, thereby lowering their cost of replacing and repairing their home and belongings. It prevents future expenses from unseen damage located beneath the floors and between the walls.

Flood waters can come from anywhere and they are not always from a nearby lake or stream. Even a home located far away from any obvious water source can have its basement flood when heavy rains cause the earth around the house to become saturated. During a hurricane or other strong storm, it can take just one open or broken window to soak an entire room and any rooms underneath.

Broken plumbing pipes are a major cause of water damage. Some are obvious, like a pipe that bursts suddenly and sends a stream of water across a bathroom or kitchen. But some of the most damaging are those hidden leaks. These occur slowly and silently, inside the walls and often travel extensively before they are discovered.

Another risk for flooding is from household appliances. A clothes washer breaks a hose, a dishwasher has a loose pipe or a refrigerator experiences a water line that is blocked or crimped. Drain pans do not get emptied and poorly maintained water tanks rust out, all leading to a surprising amount of potential damage. These types of incidents happen much more frequently than many homeowners realize.

Water damage is also the result when a house fire occurs. In many instances these fires are extinguished quickly, but the smoke and water damage can be extensive anyways.

Water Damage Restoration in Pleasant Prairie WI can address all types of water damage no matter how it was caused. If you are concerned about whether or not your home was correctly restored following a flood or some other type of incident, click here to know more about water restoration services and what they recommend.

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