Improve Your Lab With Epoxy Resin Counter Tops

Over the years, epoxy counter tops have become the go-to solution for lab owners. Whether you’re a teacher, a school administrator, an employer, a hospital, or an at-home science enthusiast, you’ll benefit from adding epoxy to your lab environment. It’s extremely durable, surprisingly affordable, and can withstand most of the elements that science throws its way.

What Is It?

These countertops are manufactured using a mixture of resin, a hardener, a filler, and silica. The mixture is then molded into a single slab and cut specifically to your order. The unique combination of components causes the countertop to be highly durable without adding any additional layers of protection. What specific advantages does epoxy offer?

1. Never Worry About Moisture

There’s a reason you see epoxy counter tops near sources of water even when the rest of the lab might use a different counter top material. Epoxy resin is highly resistant to moisture. The material is non-porous and has no trouble fending off splashes and spills. This makes it an obvious choice for any area where there is a sink, faucet, or any source of water. However, it can stand up to more than just water spills.

2. Resistant to a Variety of Threats

A high moisture resistance is great, but epoxy counter tops didn’t become the number one lab solution for that reason alone. They are also resistant to heat and harsh chemicals. Chances are, both of these potential dangers exist in your lab. While they could easily ruin the average surface, they do no damage at all to the resin, silica, and filler mix that is used to create epoxy slabs. It takes rather extreme conditions to cause any sort of cracking or blistering.

Protect Your Lab and Your Wallet

Investing in the epoxy resin is a safe, smart, and economical choice for any lab owner. Its resistance to moisture, fire, chemicals, and cracking makes it an ideal solution in even the toughest of environments. You’ll spend less time worrying about the counters and more time focusing on your work.

AGR Fabricators, INC. is a family owned business located in Jacksonville, FL. They specialize in manufacturing materials and products for use in laboratory environments. Some of their products include epoxy resin counter tops, laboratory fume hoods, and various accessories.

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