Improve Your Heating and Cooling Efficiency With Air Duct Replacement in San Antonio TX

Living in a warmer climate like the San Antonio area can have a lot of advantages, but dealing with the heat can often be difficult. The most common method for handling heat in a warm area is the installation of an air conditioner. In most instances this is a central air or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. These appliances work by channeling the treated air from a central location through a series of air ducts and into the various rooms. This works fine as long as the air ducts are in decent shape and are properly sealed. Unfortunately, as the home ages and settles the ducts will shift and begin to leak. Even worse, these leaking ducts can accumulate dirt and debris that taints the air you breath.

The obvious solution is Duct Replacement in San Antonio TX. This job removes any old ductwork and replaces it with clean, freshly sealed air ducts that provide a clean environment to pass along your treated air. This means that you have cleaner air to breath and a more efficient delivery system. This is important because quite a lot of your expensive treated air can be lost through leaking air ducts. In some cases up to fifteen percent of the treated air that escapes your home is lost through the air ducts.

Many homes in the San Antonio area have their ducts installed through the attic. This is common because these homes are built on slab foundations and have no other easily accessible space to run the ducts. Unfortunately, this places the ducts in one of the dustiest areas of the home. If the air ducts become compromised, the whole system can accumulate a lot of dirt and contaminants. This junk can build up in both the air ducts and the AC which could cause a lot of problems. For instance, the dust particles could mix with the moisture that accumulates on the evaporator coil and block the flow of air through the system. If the metal of your home’s air ducts are in good shape, the problem might be resolved by replacing the sealant around any joints or bends in the ducts. Otherwise, it is time for Duct Replacement in San Antonio TX. You can learn more about this subject by visiting You can check Google+ profile for more information.

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