Improve Lifespan of Pumps with Milwaukee Pressure Tanks

Milwaukee pressure tanks are a designed and installed to take some load off your water pump sets. These tanks store a limited amount of water for ready access thereby eliminating the need to turn on the pump every time you need some water. In addition, the pressure buildup inside the tank helps regulate the cycles of the pump. So Milwaukee pressure tanks are essential to your water regulation system and hence require professional care and maintenance.

Installing Milwaukee Pressure Tanks

If you are a true Do It Yourself enthusiast with some excellent handyman skills, you can attempt to install or replace your Milwaukee pressure tank yourself. Just make sure you have a good instruction manual at hand and practice extreme caution. The better alternative however is to call on a professional to help you with this installation. The common steps would involve turning off the power to the well and emptying the tank, unscrewing the existing tank and replacing with a new one. As simple as it sounds, the process is quite an intriguing one that requires some heavy handling and precision to details. Contacting your well drilling contractor is a much secure alternative.

Types of Milwaukee Pressure Tanks

Galvanized pressure tank: These are the one of the oldest type of Milwaukee pressure tanks which hold air and water in one chamber. Since the water and air are in direct contact with each other, there is an increased possibility of water logging. Usually this can be fixed simply by pushing in more compressed air. However, there have been improvements over the years and more efficient pressure tanks are now available.

Sealed diaphragm pressure tanks: These are the newest, most preferred Milwaukee pressure tanks today. They store air and water in a tank separated by a thin diaphragm usually made of rubber. This creates a firm divide preventing water logging. As the water inflow rises, the diaphragm stretches upwards causing the air to compress. Compressed air applies pressure on the water causing the pump to shut off at a specified pressure. As the water is used up, the pressure decreases triggering the pump to turn on and start pumping water again.

Taking Care of Your Milwaukee Pressure Tanks

If you pressure tank doesn’t work well, you will need to turn on the pump way more frequently thus decreasing its lifespan. In order to keep your pressure tanks and in turn your pumps working longer, you need to take good care of them. Every time you need a new tank or an old one replace, call up a professional. Also make sure you get servicing of your Milwaukee pressure tanks done regularly by expert professionals.

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