Important Reasons to Hire an Experienced Attorney for SS & SSDI Claims

There is a local competent social security lawyer Oak Ridge residents have relied on for their SS and SSDI claims for years. This trustworthy legal firm always fights hard to ensure that their deserving clients get all of the benefits for which they are fully entitled to. Many people make the mistake of trying to complete all of the many documents and legal steps without the recommended benefit of legal counsel. It is common for individuals to be refused on the first go around due to simple mistakes or inadvertent missing necessary information. A seasoned attorney with a strong background in this type of law can ensure that a client’s claim documents are complete and correctly filled out by the important deadlines.

Those with chronic health problems or disabilities that keep them from maintaining a job can file for SSDI benefits to collect monthly monetary checks and healthcare insurance coverage. These benefits are a lifeline for individuals in this stressful situation. Having the right legal counsel during this long and tedious legal process can lesson the typical stress felt by the client and the client’s concerned family members. A simple phone call to a reputable legal firm can connect clients in this predicament with the skilled social security lawyer Oak Ridge courts have come to respect.

There are many physical conditions and health issues that might stop an individual from working that include diabetes, thyroid problems, cancers, heart conditions, stroke-related issues and breathing or lung problems. Also, mental health disorders and autoimmune issues such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, Crohn’s disease and more may also qualify an individual to collect SSDI benefits if the client meets the specific criteria. Call the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. at 865-637-0510 for a free consultation, or visit today. Follow us on google+.

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