If You’re Dealing With Water Damage in Oklahoma City, Call the Experts

The most important thing to do when water is damaging your property is to minimize the damage. If at all possible, stop the water from continuing to flow. In an hour or less, paper is ruined and the carpet can be stained. Within 24 hours, furniture and wood floors will swell and delaminate. Bacterial and other odors are apparent. In less than a week, fungus and microbial growth will become evident, along with a musty odor. People with asthma or allergies will have trouble breathing. Metal surfaces start to rust. After one week, repair costs skyrocket.

Be sure that all electricity in the area has been turned off and then move any small electrical appliances. It may be possible to restore the carpet. Small pieces of furniture should be removed. Wrap pieces of aluminum foil around the legs of large furniture to prevent permanent stains. Take down draperies and remove all small items, particularly those items that mean the most. DO NOT attempt to remove water with a home or shop vacuum; there is a serious risk of electrical shock. If there is a possibility that the water could be contaminated with sewage, turning on fans or air conditioners could spread the contamination.

State-of-the-art water extraction equipment will remove water from the carpet, upholstery and wherever needed. Professional dehumidifiers and dryers will be used to return the property to a normal humidity level. The drying process needs daily monitoring, moving the equipment as needed. Mold will grow unless it is prevented from doing so and can be dangerous. The longer the property is allowed to remain wet, the more damage will be sustained.

Flood Masters are the ‘go to’ company for people having problems with water damage in Oklahoma City, and the surrounding area. Since 1997, the company has been providing solutions to property owners dealing with flood and water damage. They understand that ‘time is of the essence’ when dealing with water damage, so they respond quickly — 24/7/365 — and arrive with the necessary water removal equipment. Their goal is to restore the property to its original state and to permit the recovery of as many personal items as possible. The company also provides rental equipment. When water remediation services are needed, call the professionals as quickly as possible.

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