If You Need Chimney Repair In Columbus, OH; Is It Your Fault Or An Act Of God?

For those of us who prefer to live in a house; rather than an apartment within a larger structure; there are some things that make the mental image of our perfect house. Ideally, it will sit on its own lot and, even better; it will have both back and front yards; plus some space at the sides. Because we live in Ohio; where it can get quite cold in winter; our picture house will, quite likely, have a chimney to take away the smoke from the fires that will be warming us through the winter months. Even if we cannot have the large lot and move into a town house; we would still expect to see a chimney – even side by side duplex houses have their shared center chimney stack.

The Chimney Stack

Even on a single story dwelling; the stones, rocks, bricks, etc that make the chimney go up a reasonable height; hence the term stack. This has to be higher than the house; if it is to serve its sole purpose of taking our fire smoke away from our house. With its height; our chimney stack is somewhat exposed to the forces of nature; high winds (we do, sometimes, get tornadoes in Ohio) or lightning strikes (we get a lot of thunderstorms) can all damage a chimney – especially the part that rises above the roof. Assuming that we had not allowed our chimney to fall into a state of structural disrepair; if we needed chimney repair in Columbus, OH because of storm damage; I (for one) would put that down to something beyond my control and, hence, an act of God. Fortunately, it has not happened to me (yet) so I have not had to address such a thought before my insurance company.

Fire & Explosion

I have had the misfortune to suffer a small explosion and a fire in my chimney and; this I now know; was largely my own fault. When I called out the contractor for chimney repair in Columbus, OH; they, politely, explained to me that if you burn any type of wood you will be producing something called creosote and this will build up over time in your exhaust system.

My furnace and my fires are wood burning and I feed their exhausts through metal ducting to the house’s old chimney. It seems that this creosote is highly flammable and can also explode (something that I can now confirm and have the bills for chimney repair in Columbus, OH to prove it). If creosote is natural; why was the problem my fault? The answer to that is simple; I wasn’t experiencing heavy smoke; my fires were all burning well; so I did not bother with regular flue inspections and chimney cleaning – hence the creosote buildup and resulting explosion.

For chimney repair around columbus, oh; you need to contact experts and the people running the 30 year old business of Whempy’s Corp certainly know their stuff.

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