If You Have a Child Custody Issue Then Contact the Experienced Attorneys in Child Custody in Wichita KS

Child custody is one of the most difficult areas of family law. The divorce or legal separation has left nasty scars in the wake of the battle, and these matters are often a battle. The state has child custody laws which provide for visitation rights for the non-custodial parent. These rights can be amended by the court or by agreement of both parents.

The fight can break-out when one parent is unhappy with the child custody arrangements and proceeds to argue with the custodial parent. Failing to achieve success here, they go on to the court where they hope the judge will modify the child custody decision.

This will fail without good reasons for the request. A good reason may be that the child or children need medical care which can only be provided while living with the non-custodial parent. Schools may be an issue, and the life style of the custodial parent could become a problem. Tragically, these issues have been the source of contention between the parents before they reach the court. Families often are unable to take the matter back to court because they do not have the money.

Child Custody in Wichita KS can become an issue after the divorce when one parent learns the other parent is seeing someone or planning to be married. If there are issues with these plans on the part of the parent who is not involved, then Contact The Law Offices of Kevin M. Smith PA for advice.

Anytime the child’s safety is threatened or the child’s overall welfare is a serious concern, the other parent needs to consult with an attorney. An important role for an attorney is to attempt to take some of the anger out of the child custody problem. Often, a skilled attorney can point out the negative results of a custody battle.

Of course, the attorney must assess the welfare of the child based on the claims made by the non-custodial parent. This means the attorney may see an opportunity to mitigate the hostility by pointing out the rational aspects of another court fight.

An attorney who is skilled in Child Custody in Wichita KS has seen enough trauma to be able to understand how to eliminate the fight or settle it without going to court.

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