Identifying a Defendant With the Help of Bus Accident Attorneys in Saint Paul

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Lawyers

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Bus accidents occur everyday and produce a high volume of fatalities. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, there isn’t a mandate that requires additional protection for passengers. According to the laws, buses aren’t required to provide seat belts for their passengers. This failure is among the most common reason for passenger-related injuries.

Who Is the Defendant?

The owner of the bus line is the primary defendant in these lawsuits. This could designate the county, city, or state as the responsible party. Next, the driver of the bus is identified as accountable. The investigation of the accident dictates who caused the accident. Once these findings are available, the court may identify a defendant more accurately. Victims who need help identifying the defendants should contact bus accident attorneys in Saint Paul today.

Identifying What Caused the Accident

The cause of the accident identifies any additional defendants. For example, if the accident was caused by another driver, this individual must be identified. If faulty equipment is to blame, the manufacturer of the equipment and the repair service are included. The exact cause of the accident determines the course of the case and how the court manages it.

Did the Victim Share Fault?

Victims who are struck by a bus could share the fault. If they failed to cross the street at the crosswalk, they are in violation of the law. Shared fault laws allow the court to assign a percentage of blame. If all parties are at fault equally, there isn’t a settlement.

The Statute of Limitations

All personal injury cases have a statute of limitation of two years. The only exception is when the county, city, or state is the defendant. In these cases, the statute is limited to a six-month period. A failure to act before the statute runs out forfeits all rights to a claim.

Bus accidents are a frequent and tragic occurrence in Pennsylvania. In some of these cases, school buses are involved. However, the law allows all victims with the right to file a formal claim after sustaining an injury. This includes fatalities. To speak to bus accident attorneys in Saint Paul, contact Rutzick Law Offices immediately.

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