Ideas to Create Beautiful Scandinavian Design in Your Edina Home

When it comes to picking a great design for your home, you may have gotten stuck in what direction to take. There are many popular techniques that your friends talk about, but you prefer to keep your home simple and modern. Fortunately, there is a style that will work well for you. Below are ideas to create a beautiful Scandinavian design in your home.

Keep Your Home Free From Clutter

A key element that comes with a Scandinavian design is keeping your home free from clutter. Because Scandinavian homes were small, they weren’t packed with large amounts of furniture and decorations. But now, people tend to fill every space with decoration or furniture. Although homes are much larger, they can still appear small if packed full of belongings. To have a simpler, Scandinavian style, get rid of excess items you don’t need, and find ways to organize what is left. Visit a Scandinavian store in Minneapolis to get the shelving and bins you would need.

Choose Wood Furniture

With many styles, there is a large emphasis on materials like stone and brick. But, with Scandinavian design, the love of nature can be seen in the abundant use of wood. For instance, the floors are usually hardwood rather than carpet, and even the toys are wood rather than plastic. Any type of lumber shouldn’t get used in accomplishing this look; light ones like ash, pine or beech are best. To find the pieces that would look best, try a Scandinavian store in Minneapolis to get the guidance you need.

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