Ideal Materials for Your New Roof in Chesapeake

The roof is probably the most important part of the house. This is because it is the ultimate protection against the outside weather elements. The home cannot be complete without a good roof which is waterproof and sturdy. Having a good roof starts with choosing quality materials. However, the option of materials that you decide on for your new roof in Chesapeake will be determined by your budget, preference and the availability of these materials. The following materials are an option.


Shingle roofs are preferred because of their aesthetic beauty. They can be made of several materials. They are mostly made of asbestos or asphalt, but there are also wood shingles. They can be any shape as long as they are installed in the right way. They provide some of the most beautiful and durable roofs. They can also be used for siding in buildings made of logging.

Asphalt roofs

These are made out of miniature bricks made out of asphalt. They are among the strongest and most durable roofing materials. At least three quarters of the homes in the country are roofed with these kinds of roofs. If you want to protect your house against storms, these materials are the best for a new roof in Chesapeake. They require low maintenance, and when they need repair only the ruined sections need to be taken down.

Tile roof

Tiles are popular all over the world as roofing materials. This is because they are easily available in most parts of the world. They are also very durable lasting up to a hundred years. Mostly a permanent house with a new roof in Chesapeake is roofed with tiles; there are several types of them. These depend on the materials and the designs; they are also quite affordable for most builders.

Metal roofing

Metal roofs are popular in places that have plenty of rain; they help in installing gutters. They can harvest clean rain water that you can put in tanks for later use. They are very durable and water proof so you will not need to worry about leaks. You can also paint them any color that you desire according to your color theme.

Cedar shakes can also be the material for your new roof in Chesapeake. Reitzel Exteriors are the contractors to help you in installing a new roof or even repairing an old one.

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