Ice Sculptures Gardena CA

If you have ever been to a wedding reception or a party of any kind it is likely that you have seen an ice sculpture at one time or another. You may not know much about ice sculptures however, such as how much they cost, how you go about getting one made, and how to care for one if you decide to use one at your next party or event. In this article we will discuss a few of these things about ice sculptures so that you will have a more clear understanding about them and be able to decide if you would like to have one someday.

First of all let’s look at the typical price of ice sculptures. You can expect to pay anywhere from $45 all the way to $300 depending on what exactly you want. You can actually pay as much as $1,000 to $4,500 if you decide to have an extremely elaborate ice sculpture created for your party. As you can see basically the sky is the limit as far as what you can expect to pay for an ice sculpture. It really depends on how fancy you want to make it and how much money you have to spend on it. If you do not want to pay a lot for an ice sculpture, you can choose to do it yourself and crate a small centerpiece. There are a ton of DIY tutorials on how to create your own ice sculpture online if that is what you decide to do.

If you do decide to go ahead and have an ice sculpture created for your next party or event, you should know that there are some pre-delivery steps you will need to take. The typically ice sculpture will weight about 300 pounds so you will need to have a spot planned out that you intend on sitting it. Make sure that wherever you place the sculpture is strong enough to handle this kind of weight. Also, you should plan to have the ice sculpture delivered to your party or event right before the event starts. You do not want to have it arrive an hour or so before the party, because then you may have a melting sculpture on your hands. Whatever ice sculpting company you choose to hire for the job should inform you of all these issues beforehand so that you are ready and able to handle the sculpture once it arrives.

Make sure that the company you choose uses clear ice because this type of ice makes the best sculptures. There are other types of ice they may use such as canned ice, man-made crystal clear blocks and natural ice that is made outdoors. Clear ice is the best for carving.

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