How Workers Comp In Philadelphia Works For Employees And Employers

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Lawyers

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Over the years, workers compensation has been one of the most protective and helpful insurances available for employees. Often times, employees are accidentally injured on the job, and these injuries can put them out of commission for weeks, months, and even years. Workers Comp in Philadelphia works to help employees with medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, and even transportation. Let’s take a look at the advantages and limitations of workers compensation.

When people think of workers compensation, they immediately think about the worker. There are a number of positions that put employees in very dangerous and compromising positions. Although these workers constantly put themselves in harms way, they do so because they have confidence in their workers compensation insurance. Most workers don’t have to worry about getting left out in the cold when they injure themselves on the job. Workers Comp In Philadelphia is available to help responsible workers who are facing legitimate damages.

Workers compensation also works to help the employer as well. There have been countless incidents which involve employees suing employers for injuries they endured on the job. In the past, many of these lawsuits ended in businesses downsizing or going bankrupt. The financial burden of not having workers compensation can be damaging to a business. Therefore workers compensation protects businesses by ensuring that they cannot be sued for incidents sustained by employees. However, there have been certain special cases that have allowed employees to still sue.

Many employees tend to have a misconception about what workers compensation can and can’t do. Because the insurance is only for those who’ve accidentally injured themselves on the job, the benefits don’t apply to accidents that occurred on purpose. The insurance also isn’t valid for those who’ve injured themselves while horse-playing or fighting on the job. Workers should also not expect to have their injuries covered if the accident that was caused was due to them being intoxicated or under the influence.

As you can see, workers compensation provides a number of advantages for both employees as well as employers. However, workers compensation does have its limitations. Make sure you carefully understand the details of your employer’s workers comp insurance. Click here for more information.

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