How to Win a Domestic Violence Case with Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS

Domestic violence is violence occurring between people who are family members or have family ties. People who are involved in the relationship could be dating, married, living together, gay, lesbian or heterosexual. Common domestic violence behaviors consist of pushing, punching and slap. Rape, murder and stalking are all forms of domestic violence. An experienced Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg understands the legal process and knows what it takes to win.

There are two common problems prosecutors face when trying domestic violence cases. Many victims are afraid to report the abuse and hope the act will not be repeated. Other victims may not report the incident because of being afraid that the abuser may act more violent. If the abuser was the main provider, then the dependent spouse may feel that reporting the abuse may result in loss of income. It is common for most cases of physical violence to go unreported.

Some states allow prosecutors to present evidence the defendant has committed other criminal acts. If the abuser threatens or attacks the victims for the purpose of preventing them from testifying, the abuser gives up his right to question the victim at the trial. When police offers testimony, they can testify only from the victim’s account about what happened. This crime is different from crimes like assault and battery. If someone hit their spouse, then he or she will be charged with domestic violence instead of assault. Prosecutors know that abuser take advantage of their victims’ confidence and trust, which are the reasons why they push for harsher sentences for domestic violence defendants. Click here for more

People who are charged with this crime should seek legal advice. Defendants have to decide on whether to plea or take the case to court. T. Michael Reed can look at you case and explain what it takes for a successful outcome. However, it is left up to the defendant to decide whether to settle out of court or take the case to court. The court system can be a lengthy process and helps to get evidence to support your case. Defendants should Choose a Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS who understand the stakes are high.

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