How to Store Your Fine Jewelry

Now that you have invested in some pieces of fine jewelry, you may be wondering how to store your jewelry. When you buy your first sapphire ring in Chicago, you will want to make sure it is, well protected. How you will store your ring, depends on the size and material of the jewelry. When your valuables are not properly stored, they will lose their luster and can lose their appeal. Some of the best jewelry storage are made of felt, wood and satin or velvet. It is best to keep the jewelry in the packaging it came in. However, if you prefer another option, a jewelry box would be best. Jewelry boxes are designed for the preservation of jewelry. The various compartments allow you to keep similar jewelry in the same area. Proper storage eliminates kinks and knots in chains, tarnished silver, scratches and damage to your gems. When you use a safe, to store your jewels, choose one with compartments that can be removed. Custom jewelry boxes are designed for specific types of jewelry. Think of how easy it will be to get dressed with all of your jewelry, well arranged and properly stored. Here are a few more tips on storing your jewelry.

When Traveling

If you travel often, you undoubtedly take your jewelry with you. Zip lock bags are ideal for storing your jewelry. The bags offer flexibility and allow jewelry to be stored between your clothes. This will offer added protection, shielding them from damage incurred during transport. It can also prevent your necklaces from getting into knots and kinks.

Use Separate Compartments

Keeping all of your jewelry together will cause them to become entangled and may cause scratches. Your jewelry will last longer and look better when it is stored in separate compartments. If you have not invested in a jewelry box, use small boxes. If you decide to use bags or boxes, purchase anti-tarnish strips. They should be replaced every couple of months so that your silver doesn’t tarnish. Preserve the look of your sapphire ring. Chicago jewelers can provide suggestions for storing jewelry.

Avoid Hot Temperature

It is best to store fine jewelry at room temperature. It could eventually damage your jewelry and even alter the color. Do not take chances on ruining the color by over exposure to sunlight.

To learn about more ways to store your sapphire ring, Chicago jewelry store, Christopher Duquet can assist. They offer practical solutions to help you take care of your investment.

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