How to Overpower the Fear of Dentists in Anne Arundel

Going to the dentist is never a treat for most people. That is because they associate fear with the dentist’s chair. Patients would prefer swallowing painkillers or sedatives while having a procedure done to being awake for one second of it. It is by this reasoning that an estimated 10 million Americans suffer from morbid fear of going to the dentist. As you will learn in this article, dental professionals are not out to cause pain. Dr. Michael Berger and Dr. Jody Waddell are two perfect examples of dentists that help people get the smile they always wanted without the pain and fear they’ve come to expect.

According to surveys, seven out of ten citizens reluctantly go to the dentist. Fifteen percent of the population state they have an actual phobia, a morbid fear of dental treatment even though they know it’s necessary. Often times, these phobias are so pronounced that sufferers do not even go to the dentist when it is sorely needed. It is noted that some people have almost no teeth left but they are scared of the consequences of what might happen in the chair.

Dentists in Anne Arundel MD and around the world are designed to help patients. These professionals go to school for several years to ensure that they can give each patient the best dental care possible. It is the job of these dentists to tell each person individually how important taking care of their teeth actually is. In some cases, lack of proper dental care can be life-threatening.

Many people are not aware that strong dental problems that remain untreated for years can be fatal under certain circumstances. For instance, when an abscess is present on the tooth, it can have a connection to the heart. Infection that was caused by streptococci in the oral cavity sets in and will lead straight to your heart. There will then be a fatal inflammation of the heart valves or the pericardium. This can be solved during dental treatment though.

It helps patients with mild phobias to speak to their dentist about their fears before treatment. Dentists in Anne Arundel are usually trained in psychology. If you try to hide the fear, the tension increases even more. Anyone who suffers from a severe phobia may need professional help, in general, to overcome it.