How To Make A Commercial Space Energy Efficient?


Today there is a lot of concern about “global warming”. Due to various reasons, the temperature of our earth is rising. The stock of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal is also waning. If this situation is not controlled and energy consumption is not reduced, soon there will be scarcity of energy resources on this earth. You can contribute towards making this earth a greener and healthier place to live in. Moreover, you can also help to slow down the pace at which the stock of fossil fuel is being depleted. All these you can do just by making the commercial building you are constructing more energy efficient. You need to look for ways to do it. However, before that you need to know what “energy efficiency” means. Read on…

It means achieving same or improved productivity and results by utilizing a minimum amount of energy. There are different factors like heating, cooling, and lighting that maintain comfortable conditions in a commercial space. One of the main factors that affect energy consumption of a building is its structure or the way its various elements are designed. Design of foundations, walls, doors, windows, and roofs is the main factor in determining whether the building is energy efficient. All these elements should ensure cool interiors during the summers and a warm indoors during the winters. The HVAC or heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system of a building generally consumes a large amount of electricity. You will be surprised to know that between 18% and 36% of energy and electricity respectively in the US are used in commercial spaces! A large percentage of this energy is wasted. You can stop this waste in your commercial project with a few relatively simple steps. Given below is a short list of these:

  • You can start with changing the work culture. Make provisions for shared microwave ovens,   refrigerators, and coffee makers. Turn off unused lights and appliances. You should encourage your employees to be more environmentally conscious.
  • Put all computers in sleep mode, which will shut them down when they are not in use. This can reduce your utility costs for about 4 percent.
  • Choose a design for your building that will let in a lot of daylight. This can increase energy efficiency by about 10-15%.

There are many such things that you can introduce to your commercial building. You can also modify the space to increase its energy efficiency. Ask an energy consulting service provider who can guide you in the best possible manner.


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