How To Maintain Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho

Pellet mills are machines used to process feed pellets or to make your wood pellets for the pellet stove. These machines come with many advantages including low energy consumption and high output, as well as long useful life. However, for you to be able to enjoy these benefits, you need to ensure that you carry out good maintenance and timely repairs.

Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho area can operate for three years continuously, every day 24 hours production if well maintained. Carrying out preventative maintenance will help you be able to catch any faults before they develop into bigger and costly problems. It will also increase its useful life, reduce the costs of repairing and replacing the faulty parts and at the same time increasing the profits that you make from your business. Here is how to care and maintain your machine.

You should regularly add oil to the transmission parts. Also, add lubricants to the pressure roller after every two hours and an oil to the front bearing where the main shaft is once after every four hours. This is to ensure that all the parts of the mill are running efficiently, thus reducing the workload.

It is important to clean the iron removal device after every shift. Any foreign matter that gets into the chamber should be removed fast as it would cause the mill body to vibrate unnecessarily, and the ring dies to crack.

Change the lubricating fluid in the gear case once in a while preferably in every two weeks. There are those who would like to calculate in form of hours where they change the lubricating fluid after 1000 hours of operations.

Never overload the mill. Otherwise the motor might get damaged and hasten the rate at which certain parts wear and tear. This consequently shortens its useful life. Experts also advise that it is important to check and ensure that all interconnected parts are securely in place.

The driving key should also be checked every two weeks for any wear and tear signs. The key, the pressure die lining, and the hoop should be replaced as soon as you see any signs of wear and tear.

Pellet Mills in Southern Idaho require proper care and maintenance for them to operate well. Consult Domain to make a purchase, for servicing and repair of your mill and arrangements on how to store your grains and process them.

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